The world now a days gives you no time to relax properly…the ever-growing competition in every field, be it your studies, work or some times even at home, you need to do several things simultaneously, if not you’re left behind. We watch those T20 IPL matches or the English Premier League when we prepare for the exams as well. Travelling to your workplace..there you have the Facebook Mobile to accompany with music in your ears through the earpiece of your smartphones…email pops up, type reply without stopping other tasks. When I am busy correcting answer scripts of my students I need to be aware of the other happening around me and need to keep a track of, for example,  the seminars that are in line to see what may the contribution in terms of being an organizing fellow. When my colleague in the other cabin listens to his favorite piece of Bengali Music he discusses the assignments with his students…Multitasking with his fingers holding the RED Pen that checks the answer books of the recently concluded exam. And in this era of multi tasking if you are not doing things simultaneously you’re left behind. So fellas,  try to organize your job and make the most out of the lil’ time that have in your hand….Samayar Tikoni Aag Phaale Urae Baba (time waits for none). See you.