21st century brought with it  many changes in the field of technology and the way we use it. Now a days, one of the prominent use is the  World Wide Web. Talking about WWW brings to mind the famous GOOGLE and more recently FaceBook, OrKut or Hi5 and the like. We the social animals socialize even in a virtual world! Great , isn’t it? Most of the teenagers and the older folks alike happened to be glued to the PC at workplace or at home, for one common reason, to be in touch with others of the same species through the so called social networks (read orkut, facebook, myspace, hi5, etc., etc.). These provide even remotely ‘unknown friends’!!! One more beauty of these sites are the games…nah…addictive games , a bonus for socializing, aha! Many of us normally spend at least an hour or two everyday playing some alien stuff like farmville or mafia wars at our work time. Most of these times are wasted. The teens are more of a kind of Bindaas Creature…”let the whole world know about our personal stuff”…online. We share almost everything in this virtual world of Social Networking. But like in the real world……(OMG, I remember that I am real, not digitized)….there are some privacy settings to secure our private life from the remotely unknown visitor and most of the times we forget to look around these settings and sometimes by sheer negligence we keep them off. But as in the real world we need to be secure and should be cautious about those alluring visitors. We also should try not to forget that blindly making friends online, in many cases, may lend us in trouble. Okay, i have been rubbishing these Social Networks for a long time but let me admit that they have given us a tool to spread the harmony among all of us. Those cool little posts and scraps sometimes make our day….a childhood friend, after 10 years popping out of orkut or facebook…a great moment in life to rejoice…Virtually. With whatever pros and cons these 21st century ways of socializing have, they have become a part of our lifestyle.

There are lot more to talk but …….next time. Till then  keep socializing safely but with an eye on the time you may waste!