Cabinet approves establishment of National Academic Depository – via NMApp:

Cabinet approves establishment of National Academic Depository

via NMApp

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Neel Kalita

Published on, October 28, 2016
Neel Kalita is a hobbyist blogger with interests in technology, science and photography. He is very enthusiastic tech user and finds deep interest in tinkering with software products. He likes to take macro shots of flowers. He is also efficient in creating digital graphic designs. Professionally, he is a food analyst and involved in quality assurance and analysis of food. He holds a PhD in Chemistry with specialization in Materials Chemistry.

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FSSAI has created a video library covering numerous topics such as safe food practices, health, nutrition, adulteration, culinary heritage etc. to specialized e-learning modules including in-depth interviews with health & nutrition experts from across the globe.

How to Stop Snoring

The last moment rush sometimes make you more productive than ever before. #work #productivity #procrastination #TuesdayThoughts

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