I guess all of us in some point of our lives or other do visit the Barber’s shop or the famously known Hair Cutting saloons or The Beauty Parlours. Here in Assam most of such vendors are run by people mostly from Bihar. Many of them have been living here for many many years that they have got voting rights in Assam as well or some of them live like citizens of two states. The saloon near my place is also run by such Bihari People and they have a very good quality to gel with our society here and at the same time never forget their own identity. This so called hair cutting saloon offers services like hair-cut, shaving, hair coloring, facial and some times a body massage as well. This shop is not only a place for some beautification to our human architecture but also a place for many to engage in some evening “Adda” . The other day, while coming back from my work place I felt that I needed a clean shave look (though I use to shave myself, that day was a kind of an exception) and so I visited that shop nearby. While  I was getting the desired treatment from the specialist hairdresser,  he started to share many of the untold stories of his life like how he longs for his homeland, how he misses his children and wife and  the unforgettable  face of his old mother.  He told me about the improved socio-economic situation in Bihar as compared to earlier times. He talked about the way they cultivate Ghehun (wheat), how they can avail Government loan facilities to buy tractors, crop seeds and fertilizers; how jobs being created to address the unemployment problem in Bihar. The newly created job opportunities has helped in curbing unlawful activities among the Bihari youths.  He was in all praise for the new Chief Minister in Bihar. He talked about the one month per year visit to homeland he has been accustomed to; how people there don’t recognize him any more and how  he has to identify himself to his fellow villagers! All for earning his living!! He also told me about his nine year old daughter and five year old son, their demands during his sole visit in a year.

I never thought of that person’s life before that day…and that one day made me think for a while – our family and parents and anyone around us needs to be taken care of! We can only imagine the power of family ties when we miss our family.