“In search for perfection, one can still find excellence.”

About Me

Neel Kalita is a hobbyist blogger with interests in technology, science and photography. He is very enthusiastic tech user and finds deep interest in tinkering with software products. He likes to take macro shots of flowers. NK designs websites as a hobby. He also finds interest in creating digital graphic designs. Professionally, he is an Analytical Chemist (involved in analysis of food and food products for quality and adulterations), in the capacity of Assistant Food Analyst, Govt. of Assam, India. His field of expertise is Milk and Milk products analysis and responsibility of Laboratory QMS as per ISO/IEC 170 25 : 2017. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and a Qualified Food Analyst (FSSAI All India Qualification). His professional involvements are analyis of foods, statistical evaluations such as calculations of Measurement Uncertainty etc.