10 Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Videos

10 Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Videos This Graphic was created using Canva Videos are an essential marketing tool that more brands are turning to more frequently. Videos offer an excellent way for companies to engage with their customers while building trust...

How to start a blog in 2021

In this blog post, you will learn about some key points to start your blog in 2021. I have listed some of the top domain and hosting providers to choose from.

NameHero Hosting review

Here I describe the offerings of NameHero Hosting and my experience with the company for the last one year. The service is good so far and whenever I asked for support, the company promptly addressed my queries. NameHero offers hosting with reasonable pricing and in various packages suitable for the starter to big companies.

Create your personal book catalog with My Library App

Create your personal book catalog with My Library App

Locked down, aren't we? We all are doing our bit to combat the novel Corona outbreak by staying indoors and working from home. Let us use our free time to create your personal book catalog for free using My Library App. Android Smartphones allow users to use the phone...

False daisy with true benefits

The false daisy plant is a very useful plant due to its medicinal properties. The medicinal properties of false daisy are well documented in Ayurvedic literature.

Learn coding in Javascript with Grasshopper (by Google Area 150)

Grasshopper is a coding app for beginners. It lets users learn Javascript coding in a fun to learn way. The lessons progressively challenges the users into coding more and more in a systematic manner in their iPhone and Android devices. This app is released by...

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