Get response vs ConvertKit: Which email marketing service to choose?


The email marketing service ConvertKit is targeted mostly towards bloggers and content creators. Unlike most other platforms which focus on becoming a platform for all, ConvertKit focuses on bloggers and content creators. That is how ConvertKit has become a well-crafted tool for the marketing needs of bloggers and content creators. Important features such as visual automation, opt-in forms & landing pages all are a part of ConvertKit’s tools. Building an email list is very important vis a vis having dedicated landing page building capabilities. The reporting capabilities help to get insight into the performance of your list and forms. It allows Creating an Email sequence with a visual automation builder and the same can be done with forms. The seamless integration of the automation with both emails and forms sans the need to jump between options. 

Convertkit logo

But Convertkit’s simplicity comes at the cost of some limitations like filtering your subscribers is not easy as with some other platforms,  lack of spam scoring, and there’s no visual builder for emails.

But, if you’re a beginner to email marketing and need a simple solution without sacrificing powerful email automation functionality, give ConvertKit a try and you won’t regret it. 

Getting started with ConvertKit is easy! You can sign up for a free account, but we recommend signing up for a monthly or yearly plan to take advantage of our discounts and features.

Once you have signed up, your next step is to add a new list. This will be the list that you’ll send campaigns from to all of your subscribers.

In order to add a new mailing list, click on Lists in the left sidebar and then Create New List under Lists & Subscribers at the top of the screen. You’ll want to name this mailing list something descriptive so it’s easy for you to tell which one it is later on if you have

Convert Kit Trial

Key features:

  • Simple user interface – With an easy learning curve the tool lets you get started with your email list in no time.
  • Powerful but simple visual automation – The simple visual email automation builder helps you do a lot more than simple email marketing.
  • Ideal for those with multiple lead magnets – Multiple lead magnets can be delivered using each form or landing page.
  • Opt-in forms and landing pages included – You can easily create opt-in forms and landing pages without the need for any third-party software or service.


You can start with a free plan which allows you to manage up to 1,000 subscribers, create unlimited landing pages & forms, send email broadcasts, sell digital products & subscriptions and you get support via email.

Apart from the standard features that are available in most other email marketing platforms, ConvertKit also offers an amazing customer support system. They have 24/7 live chat support which means all the questions will be answered within one or two minutes. Users can also talk about specific topics with their customer success manager who is always available via phone or Skype for any queries related to conversion rates.


GetResponse has been a very well known service in the email marketing platforms. It is the veteran in this field. Started in 1998, and now they have more than two decades of experience. They have added a slew of new features of late to keep up their game in the field of email marketing and provide a comprehensive package. 

Email marketing is the core of their product and apart from that, they are trying to provide excellent solutions for visual marketing automation, landing pages, webinar creation and other features to become an all in one platform.

 They offer a great selection of email templates categorized by industry. AB split testing is available even for newsletters. They offer a drag and drop visual email builder with built-in preview and spam scoring.

The contact management has easy filtering options with list hygiene and reporting. The visual automation builder is functional and comes with templates to get you started easily. One of the latest features they added to the platform is Live chat to connect with your audience online. Push notifications can get you more attention from your audience than before.

Getresponse logo

GetResponse also offers an impressive Conversion Funnel and in conjunction with all other features they provide you everything that you require to build an entire sales funnel. To fill the funnel, you can create ads, landing pages, webinars, exit-intent pop-ups, sales pages, eCommerce integration with payment method integration. They offer a Mobile app to create ads and many other things on the go. You can also build your own storefront within GetResponse itself.

And since you can do this within a single tool, analytics & reporting are exceptionally convenient.

The only issue I have with GetResponse is its convoluted pricing. It seems designed to confuse. For example, some basic automation functionality such as segmentation, and on-site tracking isn’t available until you get to the higher plans.

Key features:

  • Powerful email marketing automation – The visual email creation tool with categorized templates is a powerful email marketing tool with easy deliverability.
  • Create attractive landing pages –Visual creation of beautiful Landing pages can get your traffic to convert into customers.
  • Built-in tools for store creation –You can sell digital products using the built in store


The plans start at $15 with basic features to get you started and can go upto $99 for a list 1000. The pricing can get more if the list size grows. You can also try all the features of GetResponse for free for 14 days before you take a plunge.

Email marketing has been around for decades and it’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to promote a business. With the rise of social media, marketers may have all but forgotten about email marketing- but this would be a mistake. Email remains one of the most popular and powerful digital marketing channels, and experts say that many marketers are not taking full advantage of its potential.

An email from a brand is an excellent way to reach out directly to those who might be interested in what you have to offer, as well as those who may have forgotten about you after an initial


How to use tools for anonymous torrent downloads real quick and easy [in 2019]

How to use tools for torrent download

  1. A VPN app to get access to Torrent sites. In my country, many torrent sites are blocked. The Torrent technology (P2P file sharing) is not only for illegal downloads but many legal software and videos are available for download via torrents as well. I prefer Nord VPN for anonymity. It is available for almost all platforms with some good servers. P2P is allowed. BTW, we will use a torrent leecher web service.
  2. A download manager, I prefer Internet Download Manager for Windows and Advanced Download Manager (buy Pro for ad free experience) for Android.
  3. An account in Torrent Leecher site like Zbigz , the premium service is good but has some cost. If the file size is not too big then also provides good speed and 2GB storage to start with for free.

anonymous torrent featured imag
Anonymous torrent download
The 1-2-3 of the process:
  1. Connect to VPN, for anonymous connection and access to Torrent site. The detailed connection process will vary from one software to another.
  2. Copy the magnet link of the torrent file from the site. Add the link to seedr or zbigz. There are a number of torrent leecher services available with different free and paid plans. I have listed only those which I personally have used and found to be working well. We can also paste to torrent file lik as well instead of magnet links. 3.The leecher service will start caching the file requested in its own servers. It is something like the leecher service download the torrent file in a similar manner as it is done in our own PC via Torrent Clients. We leave the leecher site till the caching is complete. Sometimes it takes longer time for the process to complete. Once the caching process is complete, the file can be downloaded as usual. Use the download manager of your choice to download it at maximum speed.
Note: This article is for educational purpose only. If you use this information for any illegal downloads, then the author is not responsible for any legal issues. This article was originally published via this Post.

I hope you enjoyed this short article


Box bumped up free Cloud Storage to 10GB!

Cloud storage giant Box  has bumped up the free storage quota to 10GB from earlier quota of 5GB. Now users can get more space for their cloud storage requirement for personal use. The leader in cloud storage Dropbox   still provides 2GB of free space but they offers the options of referral links to earn bonus spaces. Box offers apps for Windows, iOS and Android devices to get access to your files anytime , anywhere and from any devices. Watch the video below for Box in action:

Get 20GB of Cloud storage from this DropBox alternative free!

Get started with 15GB free cloud storage

A new cloud storage service called Copy  with features comparable to other existing and famous services has been launched with a very good storage capacity of 15GB to start with.  Copy provides an alternative to the already very popular services like Dropbox. It also provides access to the cloud storage via various devices viz., Windows, Linux, iOS (Copy for iOS app)  and Android (Copy for Android app). A photo backup service is also included which they call “Photocopy”.  Copy allows files to be shared privately or publicly. Copy also provides seamless syncing with variuos devices using the apps for different platforms.  

As a launching offer, Copy is allowing bonus spaces to be earned via a referral system where both parties earn a huge bonus of 5GB of extra storage.  Copy for companies extends the benefits of this new cloud stoarge service to businesses where teamwork can be extended to the cloud. 

Click Here to get your copy of Copy Cloud and earn an extra 5GB bonus along with the starter 15GB space.

Indic Language support across platforms

This computer age requires us to write using a PC/Mobile device every now and then. Most of us can type in the default English language input methods supported across platforms. Now a days, the operating system environments are  expanding horizons where we find many flavors of OS across devices. The most common environments being the Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Mac OS and various GNU/Linux based distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Linux Mint, Archlinux and so on.On the mobile devices front, Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android are now the leading OS. Symbian, Blackberry OS and Windows Mobile are the other notable operating systems that power our mobile phones and Tablets. When we talk about input methods, many of us don’t even think beyond the default option of English input. But we can very easily enable support for our own native languages. There are many software solutions which allow us to type in many Indic languages, e.g., Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, Assamese, Bengali and many more. I will briefly introduce some of the methods for input in Indian languages in different platforms (I don’t have a Mac, so I will not talk about it Winking smile). 

Microsoft Windows is undoubtedly the most widespread OS and there are several free and paid solutions available. Notable among them are:

Lipikaar (Visit for more details and download) provides a software for windows and a free Firefox browser add-on to enable Indian Language input (See this link ). Lipikaar interface is very simple and the phonetic input does not require one to have special training.

Avro Keyboard:  This is a free software and works quite well. Download this free tool from : 

Baraha: Baraha comes in Free and Paid Versions(with premium features). The free version is sufficient for basic Indian Language input. Downloads and details can be obtained from the Baraha Website :

GNU/Linux environment also have many solutions. The Ibus Input Method is the one I prefer to use when it comes to input in my own Assamese Language in openSUSE 12.1 OS. The m17n library provides language support for many Indian languages and this library can be used with Ibus to get Indian language support under GNU/Linux.

In Ubuntu, Ibus, Ibus-gtk, m17n-library, and the m17n contributed packages can be installed via the software center. I installed these packages in my openSUSE 12.1 system using the Yast Software Management Tool. After successful installation of these packages, a reboot is required to use the Ibus input method.

I also use my own language (Assamese, অসমীয়া) in my Android phone. Android offers a lot of apps through the Google Play store (formerly known as the Android Market). Though the number of apps is fewer as compared to Apple’s App store,  there are lot of apps; paid as well as free. The Multiling Keyboard (search Play Store to get download options) is a very good free app which makes it very easy to input in many languages including Indian Languages such as Hindi, Bengali and Assamese. The functionality of the app can be extended using various freely available plugins for the app.

I hope this brief introduction about options for input in our own languages for various platforms will at least make the readers aware of the software solutions available. Please give them a try!

Write in Indian Languages Free with Firefox and Lipikaar (লিপিকাৰ)

Lipikaar provides a free Firefox extension which enables writing in many Indian languages including Assamese and Sanskrit. The extension is free and installs similar to other Firefox extensions.To get this extension, in Firefox menu bar click on “Tools–>Get add on” and then search for Lipikaar. Install the extension and complete the process by restarting Firefox. The preferred writing language can be selected from the Preferences Section in Lipikaar Extension window.

Lipikaar can be used to update facebook status, post to twitter or writing your WordPress blog in Indian Languages in a very easy to use manner. It uses phonetic input which is very easy to make use of. There are other free software available to input in Indian Languages but most of them are Microsoft Windows platform dependent. Even Lipikaar has a full software for Microsoft Windows. This Firefox extension, being a browser based technology, is platform independent and presently available for Firefox under both Windows and Linux.

লিপিকাৰ ব্যবহাৰ কৰি অসমীয়াত টাইপ্ কৰাৰ উদাহৰণ ।

Video Guide Below

Lipikaar : A user friendly software to type in Indian languages including Assamese.

Lipikaar is a very good, simple and cost effective application for typing in Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali and Assamese, etc. The software is not very costly and single user licenses cost only Rs. 799/-. There is free Firefox add-on which enables the language support in Firefox and enables the user to type in Assamese as well. For Facebook users, this may work better than the native language options.

It is also available for trial use for three days.

Windows Live Writer 2011 released!

Windows Live Essentials suite has been upgraded to Windows Live 2011. The suite contains the usual apps like Windows Live Mail, Live Writer, Movie Maker and now Windows mesh where one can store personal files. I personally like the blogging software..the Windows Live Writer 2011. I have been using the earlier version for quite some time now and today upgraded to the latest version. I find it very helpful in quickly posting to my this WordPress blog, and the app works like magic…no glitches ever. It has become very easy to format the texts, alignment and insertion of images into my blog. Anyone who is interested in blogging should give it a try! Go to the Microsoft website to download your free copy.

Be the GOD:The Windows 7 GodMode

 There is a lot talk about the hidden GodMode in Window7 and the later versions of Microsoft windows. God Mode is just a trick which enables all the control panel options centralized in a folder. It is very easy to get all the options for settings at one place. For that you only need to create a New Folder anywhere and rename the folder to:


You will have God Mode activated. Enjoy. It will not hamper the normal windows working. You can even safely delete the GodMode folder in case you don’t need it any more. Have all the Control panel options in one place.

 ~Bye for today. Keep visiting.

Neel K.

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