Month: January 2010

India Vs Bangladesh: Virat Kohli

One more victory for the Team India. These days, we, the Indian cricket lovers are all the time happy. India winning almost every match, even the close ones, unlike the earlier days. One good thing in recent times is Virat...

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Be the GOD:The Windows 7 GodMode

 There is a lot talk about the hidden GodMode in Window7 and the later versions of Microsoft windows. God Mode is just a trick which enables all the control panel options centralized in a folder. It is very easy to get all the...

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Fedora Omega Remix

Fedora project has released its version 12. it featured updates to latest kernel, gnome, kde etc. Fedora Omega is a fedora remix for normal desktop and lapyop users. It’s Fedora 12 plus multimedia out of the box. You can play...

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