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Locked down, aren’t we? We all are doing our bit to combat the novel Corona outbreak by staying indoors and working from home. Let us use our free time to create your personal book catalog for free using My Library App.

Android Smartphones allow users to use the phone in many productive ways. We all are now going through a tough time and most of us are staying indoors. Many of us are spending time by reading various books and novels. Students and educators are spending their time to prepare class notes and study materials from their personal collection of books and journals. I believe most of us can boast of a personal library of at least a small number of books if not thousands. Right?

Let me ask you something? How many have you have created a catalog of  your personal book library? By personal library, I mean the books on your study tables, bookshelves or anywhere in your homes. We can spend this #lockdown period in organizing a personal collection of books and journals. For this, I will use an App called My Library by Julien Keith. I am an Android user and you can find this app in the Android Play Store. This app allows you to store your personal library and perform a Quick Search within it. By creating a catalog, we not only organized our books, it also provided us a sense of richness about the collection that we own.

The main features of the app are

  • Add a book to your catalog by using the Barcode scanner inside the app.
  • Add a book via ISBN.
  • Search book in your library
  • Sorting options
  • Export to excel
  • Save export database to cloud storage. Only Google Drive and Dropbox are supported at present.
  • Importing of database.


Check my video on how to use the My Library App to create your personal book catalog below: 


The main drawback I found is that it does not allow to create multiple library databases at present. I would have loved it if it allowed users to create multiple libraries so that the user would be able to create a home library as well as an office library so as to keep track of books in home and office.

Even after this small missing feature, the app does a great job in serving its purpose.

You can install the app from the link below and see for yourself how easy it is to create your personal book catalog.

Play Store Link:

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