Jurassic World Alive: An Augmented Reality (AR) game on the lines of Pokemon Go

This is a Pokemon Go like game where the players are supposed to find dinosaurs and catch them in real world. The gameplay includes real world mapping which encourages the players to go out and find dinos.

Price: Free but offers in-app purchases.

The gameplay is interesting and uses tbe latest AR tech. It allows players to take pictures with the captured dinos.

Use of drone, DNA sampling and creation of genetically modified dinosaurs are some interesting features in the gameplay.

There is also realtime battle between different player for a competitive gameplaying experience.

Some screenshots:


Overall the game is pretty interesting amd allows user to kill time in a fun way and also get out of the couch to a more engaging experience of mobile gaming.

The game offers membership.

  • Jurassic World™ Alive offers a monthly subscription at USD $9.99, please note prices may vary depending on sales taxes or countries.
  • The user will be asked to login to his Google account (if not already) prior to the purchase.

Playstore link:

iOS link:

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Published on, December 1, 2019
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