Windows Live Writer 2011 released!

Windows Live Essentials suite has been upgraded to Windows Live 2011. The suite contains the usual apps like Windows Live Mail, Live Writer, Movie Maker and now Windows mesh where one can store personal files. I personally like the blogging software..the Windows Live Writer 2011. I have been using the earlier version for quite some time now and today upgraded to the latest version. I find it very helpful in quickly posting to my this WordPress blog, and the app works like magic…no glitches ever. It has become very easy to format the texts, alignment and insertion of images into my blog. Anyone who is interested in blogging should give it a try! Go to the Microsoft website to download your free copy.

Written by,

Neel Kalita

Published on, October 24, 2010
Neel Kalita is a hobbyist blogger with interests in technology, science and photography. He is very enthusiastic tech user and finds deep interest in tinkering with software products. He likes to take macro shots of flowers. He is also efficient in creating digital graphic designs. Professionally, he is a food analyst and involved in quality assurance and analysis of food. He holds a PhD in Chemistry with specialization in Materials Chemistry.

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