Hi all, here i am back to share something with you. My favorite linux distribution… openSUSE 11.2 has released but I have not gotten a chance to install it till now. wainting for my copy … to arrive. I could not download the iso because of the pathetic internet speed here. But in the mean time I have searched the internet for reviews and the reviews really got me excited. All are in the praising mood for opensuse 11.2 and it’s KDE implementation. well. I will publish my layman’s view once I got it installed.Hmm , one thing i am afraidof, the hard ware support for my system espacially ATI graphics that I use. I made my hands dirty in testing UBUNTU 9.10 … it’s not OK for me.. 9.04 was far better than the current release. I got stuck even while installing codecs for playinf my mp3s, let alone videos. Okay, I will continue the topic. …..