How to enable VoLTE features in OnePlus 3

Hi all,  I created a YouTube video on the steps to enable the VoLTE option in the OnePlus 3 phone. Please check below for a quick video.

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Neel Kalita

Published on, September 22, 2016
Neel Kalita is a hobbyist blogger with interests in technology, science and photography. He is very enthusiastic tech user and finds deep interest in tinkering with software products. He likes to take macro shots of flowers. He is also efficient in creating digital graphic designs. Professionally, he is a food analyst and involved in quality assurance and analysis of food. He holds a PhD in Chemistry with specialization in Materials Chemistry.

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Dark web tools are not always used for illegal purposes.

Dark web tools are not always used for illegal purposes.

Hi all, we all muat have aware of some tools used in dark web. One of the tools that is most widely used for illegal downloads of almost any kind, movies, music, books, software, porn (most popular, 😎), etc. is torrent. We all have used utorrent for sure....

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