10 Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Videos

10 Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Videos

Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Video
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Videos are an essential marketing tool that more brands are turning to more frequently. Videos offer an excellent way for companies to engage with their customers while building trust emotionally. Videos can help your SEO ranking, essential for any marketing strategy that relies on the internet.  For many online content creators, finances are a huge issue.

A camera that costs thousands of dollars is out of the question, and however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t produce quality content with a low budget. All it takes is a few clever video production tricks and some basic filmmaking knowledge.

This guide will share 10 Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Videos.

1) Make sure you have enough light

Many people may not know this, but the light is the most crucial part of getting a good photo or video. Make sure to record your videos near a window or outside in the daytime for best results. Add lights directed at the subject for better lighting indoors. For a proper lighting setup of videos for YouTube, you can follow the well-known three-point lighting setup for Talking Head Videos. A key light to light up the subject, a light from the side to light up the shadow area on the face, a light directed at the background to separate the subject from it. Click here to watch my simple setup video on YouTube.

Lighting is one of tips to improve smartphone videos

2) Shoot at eye level for the audience to connect with the subject

“Eye-level shots” is the term for camera angles that relate to human eyes. Eye-level shots are exactly what you might guess – they’re shots where the camera is around the height of human eyes. When shooting a video, it’s important to shoot at eye level. Doing so will provide your audience with the opportunity to connect with the subject- that is You. Videos taken at eye level are more emotional and show a natural connection.

3) Keep your video background simple

Backgrounds are the first thing viewers notice in a video. If you have a busy background, it can be challenging for your viewers to focus on the content of your video. Your background must be free of distractions.

One quick way to create a professional-looking video is to use a solid-coloured background. This could be anything from a wall to hay, as long as it isn’t too busy or a large sheet of backdrop paper are both good options. Your subject should stand several feet away from the background to avoid casting shadows.

You can also use some budget RGB Lights like the Weeylite RB08 or Simpex RGB Light to project colours to the background to make it dramatic as well.

4) Use Manual Controls

Before you start shooting, make sure to take a few minutes to set up your camera. Use manual controls in your camera settings if available.

If your camera has manual controls, use the feature to fine-tune the video settings. You can also use third-party apps like Filmic Pro, Manual Camera Pro, MCPro24FPS or Open Camera to get more granular controls over your video recording.

5) Avoid distortion by using proper settings in your smartphone camera

Taking videos with your smartphone can be frustrating at times. You’ll find that your videos are defocused or blurry, you can’t take a video of something too close to the lens, the flash is too bright, or you can’t focus on your subject. So, make sure your settings are correct in terms of focus and white balance. If your camera app allows locking focus on the eye or face, you can use that feature to keep focus pinpointed. The Open Camera App has the nifty feature for locking focus on the face which can be beneficial in case you fo some talking head videos or speak in front of the camera.

6) Avoid too many cuts in the editing

Editing is an essential part of the writing process. It can be tedious, but it will make your videos more concise and professional. Start by watching over your work and identifying areas that need to be edited. Delete the unnecessary parts; remove parts with sounds like “um” s and “uh” s. Most importantly, sync the audio with the video properly. You can use software like Descript to automatically remove unwanted sounds from your video.

7) Try not to zoom in or out too much during filming

How do you feel when a video zooms in and out? Does it make you dizzy? Most people will say yes, and that’s because it makes it difficult to understand what’s going on. Sometimes, it is necessary to zoom in for a closer look or to keep the viewer’s attention, But doing it too much can negatively affect the viewer’s attention.

8) Use an external microphone, if possible, to get  better audio from your smartphone footage

Using an external microphone for your smartphone footage can make a massive difference in the quality of your audio. The best way to avoid background noise is to use a directional microphone to pick up sound from one direction and minimize unwanted sounds. However, if you are on a budget, you can still produce high-quality sound with a lavalier mic like the Boya BY-M1. The BY-M1 offers an omnidirectional pickup pattern that will capture sound in all directions, making it perfect for interviews, lectures, and more. If you create more talking head videos, then you can also consider condenser mics like the Rode NT USB-Mini or Blue Yeti.

In editing, try to minimize the background noise for a better audio experience. You can use software like Audacity to remove noise in post-processing. If you edit your smartphone videos using the phone itself, you can use an app like PowerDirector which has a noise removal tool built in. Lexis Audio Editor is an android app that allows simple audio editing like noise removal in your smartphone as well. You can also use software like Krisp if you use a PC to record the audio or record your Smartphone as a Webcam using OBS.

Having the best quality audio for your video is vital to ensuring success. It is said that Audio is half of the video! So, to improve your smartphone videos, you can try to improve the audio first.

9) Create a plan before filming to cover all the essential points in the video project

Planning a video project can seem daunting but following these tips will make it more manageable. First, you should identify the primary goal of your video and what you want viewers to take away from it. Next, you should plan out all of the steps in the production process and how long each one will take. Once you have a timeline for your video down pat, create a script or bullet points before you start recording. Also, do not forget to take a test shot of around half a minute to see whether everything from sound and lighting is okay.

You can use Notion to plan your video projects on any device. Planning for a video creation process can also let you implement the tips to improve your smartphone videos so that you can also keep track of the points that you require to improve upon.

10) Clean the lenses before you start recording with your smartphone camera

Cleaning your lenses is one of the most critical steps before recording with your smartphone camera. Dirt and grime on your lens can affect the quality of your video and photos, and you may also have fingerprints on the smartphone lens. Just take a minute to wipe the lens with a microfiber cloth to get clear video. This simple step can save you time from re-recording a video afterwards.

Bonus tip: Find your Style

Take time to think about what you want the focus of your video to be. Not only should you consider what you would like to talk about, but you should also consider the style of video that works best for you. Maybe it’s vlogging, or it’s building up your brand, or perhaps it’s just making content that entertains people. Whatever your style is, find it!

I hope these 10 Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Videos will help you create amazing videos using your smartphone and grow as a creator.

How to start a blog in 2021

Featured Starting A blog

How to Choose the Best Topics for

Starting a blog in 2021?

You must decide what type of blog you want to write. You can decide to write about something personal, like your own life, or you can write about something general, like politics.

Some people find it challenging to choose what they should blog about because there are so many topics.

Choosing the best niche for your blog is an essential part of setting up your blog. It will reflect the style of writing that you are comfortable with and enable you to focus on topics relevant to your target audience. Would you mind keeping it simple but clear?

Remember that the attention span of your audience is limited, so you should supply them with an idea of what they’re getting into early on.

There are some things you can do to find out which blogging niche might be perfect for you. First of all, take some time and write down everything that interests or excites you. What do you care about the most? What are the topics that matter most to you? The solution is easy! Just choose one of the topics you love or are passionate about and blog about it. You can use popular blog-post topics if you wish or go for something original.

Affiliate Disclaimer: The links mentioned in this article may contain affiliate links. It means if you click and purchase through the links I may earn a small commission without you being charged extra.

Choosing The Best Domain Name For Starting a blog in 2021?

A domain name is the web address for a website. It may be derived from a business or personal name, or it may be entirely different. A domain name gives your blog its identity. It’s something people will search for, and it’s what people will use to find your blog in the future.

A domain name is not only used for branding purposes but also search engine optimisation (SEO). It can help you rank higher on Google or other search engine results pages (SERPs). The best way to come up with a good domain name is by using a domain generator tool.

Choosing the best domain name for your blog is one of the most crucial things to consider when starting a blog.

Before creating your blog, you’ll need to register a domain name and web hosting service with a company like Bluehost, GreenGeeks or Hostinger. I use Namecheap for registering my domains. Domain.com is also an excellent registrar for domains. Namecheap has the most competitive prices, so they are one of the most popular domain name registrars. 

NameCheap is a domain registrar that offers both personal and business solutions to its customers. They offer domains at competitive prices with affordable renewal rates, making them one of the most popular options for web creators. They also provide various top-level domains and hosting packages that allow you to set up your website with minimal fuss. NameCheap has been in the industry for over ten years, so they have a deep understanding of how domains work and the importance of obtaining a domain from an accredited institution.

Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

Once you’ve registered your desired domain name and hosting service, you will have access to the necessary tools to create your website content in WordPress, Blogger or other blogging platforms.

Domain names can be expensive, so you must find the right one with these factors in mind! Also, keep in mind the domain and hosting service renewal fees. Most of the hosting services may carry enhanced renewal fees than the first invoiced amount.

How to choose a good web hosting company?

Whether setting up a blog, an online store or an eCommerce website, you need to have a web hosting company. You should answer the question, “what kind of website do you want to create?” It doesn’t require much infrastructure if it is just a static website, so that the cheapest web hosting will suffice.

If your goal is to create an online store, you need a web hosting company that offers eCommerce features like SSL certificates and shopping cart software. In today’s time, most blogging sites run on WordPress, and most web hosting companies provide managed WordPress hosting.

Some Recommended Web Hosting companies for beginners. 

Shared Hosting:

  • Bluehost: They provide hosting for over 1 million websites and work to protect your site with security, 24/7 monitoring, and performance. Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting companies in the United States. They provide top-tier domain hosting services to bloggers, small business owners, web designers and developers. The company has an impressive history in enabling entrepreneurs worldwide to boldly go where they usually couldn’t afford: A domain and website that can serve as a launching pad for an online business or hobby project.



  • GreenGeeks: Greengeeks has been around for a while, and we can see why. They offer affordable yet exceptional hosting services that are perfect for your website. Greengeeks is one of the best hosts out there because they provide quality hosting at an affordable price. They also have excellent customer service, and they’ve been in business since 2009. Greengeeks is one of the top web hosts for many reasons. They offer very competitive prices, stellar customer service, and reliable servers powered by wind energy! CNET, which is universally known for its technology and product reviews, has announced its top choices in the web hosting services industry. We’re excited to announce that CNET has rated GreenGeeks as one of the Best Web Hosting Services in 2021.

  • A2 Hosting: A2 Hosting is the perfect high speed and user-friendly solution for your blog or website. They are known for their new WordPress hosting solutions, ideal for small businesses, bloggers, and anyone looking for a high-quality WordPress hosting service. A2 Hosting has options to host your website with them on either Linux or Windows servers. We recommend that you host your website with them on Linux servers because it is faster than Windows servers and has better security features.

  • Hostinger is one of the prominent web hosting services providers in the field. They have been catering to a vast audience with their highly reliable and secure hosting services for many years now. They offer the cheapest rates with reliable service. Hostinger has plans starting at very reasonable rates so that anyone can begin their blogging journey and later on upgrade the plans for more benefits.


  • NameHero: Web hosting is a crucial component of any successful online business. NameHero provides cloud Web Hosting with 99.9% uptime to over 500,000+ websites. NameHero was voted World’s Best in the Web Hosting category for 2019 by Leading Reviews and was named a Top Company in 2018 by Entrepreneur Magazine while providing world-class customer service and 24/7 support. Black Friday Deals are Live now. 

Cloud Hosting Services: 

  • Cloudways: Cloudways is a cloud hosting service that offers managed hosting for Google Cloud, Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean and Amazon AWS. They provide our customers with the tools to configure their server in less than 5 minutes. Their servers are built with CentOS 7. Cloud hosting services for small and medium-sized businesses. I use the beginner plan with Vultr (high-frequency server) from Cloudways and have hosted multiple sites. Try Cloudway Free for three days before deciding to subscribe (Use Code “NEELSWORLD” for a discount). Try FREE for three days.


The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

  • Vultr: If you are a bit more technically inclined, you can try Cloud Hosting services by Vultr and save some money compared to Cloudways. I highly recommend the Vultr High-Frequency servers to starter blogs at an affordable price point. You can try with a USD100 credit for a month below: 



The services above have been highly rated across many reviews and should offer a good starting point to dive into the world of blogging. Choose your service as per your budget and requirement and in future, you can always upgrade to suit the scalability.

Happy Blogging!

Get response vs ConvertKit: Which email marketing service to choose?


The email marketing service ConvertKit is targeted mostly towards bloggers and content creators. Unlike most other platforms which focus on becoming a platform for all, ConvertKit focuses on bloggers and content creators. That is how ConvertKit has become a well-crafted tool for the marketing needs of bloggers and content creators. Important features such as visual automation, opt-in forms & landing pages all are a part of ConvertKit’s tools. Building an email list is very important vis a vis having dedicated landing page building capabilities. The reporting capabilities help to get insight into the performance of your list and forms. It allows Creating an Email sequence with a visual automation builder and the same can be done with forms. The seamless integration of the automation with both emails and forms sans the need to jump between options. 

Convertkit logo

But Convertkit’s simplicity comes at the cost of some limitations like filtering your subscribers is not easy as with some other platforms,  lack of spam scoring, and there’s no visual builder for emails.

But, if you’re a beginner to email marketing and need a simple solution without sacrificing powerful email automation functionality, give ConvertKit a try and you won’t regret it. 

Getting started with ConvertKit is easy! You can sign up for a free account, but we recommend signing up for a monthly or yearly plan to take advantage of our discounts and features.

Once you have signed up, your next step is to add a new list. This will be the list that you’ll send campaigns from to all of your subscribers.

In order to add a new mailing list, click on Lists in the left sidebar and then Create New List under Lists & Subscribers at the top of the screen. You’ll want to name this mailing list something descriptive so it’s easy for you to tell which one it is later on if you have

Convert Kit Trial

Key features:

  • Simple user interface – With an easy learning curve the tool lets you get started with your email list in no time.
  • Powerful but simple visual automation – The simple visual email automation builder helps you do a lot more than simple email marketing.
  • Ideal for those with multiple lead magnets – Multiple lead magnets can be delivered using each form or landing page.
  • Opt-in forms and landing pages included – You can easily create opt-in forms and landing pages without the need for any third-party software or service.


You can start with a free plan which allows you to manage up to 1,000 subscribers, create unlimited landing pages & forms, send email broadcasts, sell digital products & subscriptions and you get support via email.

Apart from the standard features that are available in most other email marketing platforms, ConvertKit also offers an amazing customer support system. They have 24/7 live chat support which means all the questions will be answered within one or two minutes. Users can also talk about specific topics with their customer success manager who is always available via phone or Skype for any queries related to conversion rates.


GetResponse has been a very well known service in the email marketing platforms. It is the veteran in this field. Started in 1998, and now they have more than two decades of experience. They have added a slew of new features of late to keep up their game in the field of email marketing and provide a comprehensive package. 

Email marketing is the core of their product and apart from that, they are trying to provide excellent solutions for visual marketing automation, landing pages, webinar creation and other features to become an all in one platform.

 They offer a great selection of email templates categorized by industry. AB split testing is available even for newsletters. They offer a drag and drop visual email builder with built-in preview and spam scoring.

The contact management has easy filtering options with list hygiene and reporting. The visual automation builder is functional and comes with templates to get you started easily. One of the latest features they added to the platform is Live chat to connect with your audience online. Push notifications can get you more attention from your audience than before.

Getresponse logo

GetResponse also offers an impressive Conversion Funnel and in conjunction with all other features they provide you everything that you require to build an entire sales funnel. To fill the funnel, you can create ads, landing pages, webinars, exit-intent pop-ups, sales pages, eCommerce integration with payment method integration. They offer a Mobile app to create ads and many other things on the go. You can also build your own storefront within GetResponse itself.

And since you can do this within a single tool, analytics & reporting are exceptionally convenient.

The only issue I have with GetResponse is its convoluted pricing. It seems designed to confuse. For example, some basic automation functionality such as segmentation, and on-site tracking isn’t available until you get to the higher plans.

Key features:

  • Powerful email marketing automation – The visual email creation tool with categorized templates is a powerful email marketing tool with easy deliverability.
  • Create attractive landing pages –Visual creation of beautiful Landing pages can get your traffic to convert into customers.
  • Built-in tools for store creation –You can sell digital products using the built in store


The plans start at $15 with basic features to get you started and can go upto $99 for a list 1000. The pricing can get more if the list size grows. You can also try all the features of GetResponse for free for 14 days before you take a plunge.

Email marketing has been around for decades and it’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to promote a business. With the rise of social media, marketers may have all but forgotten about email marketing- but this would be a mistake. Email remains one of the most popular and powerful digital marketing channels, and experts say that many marketers are not taking full advantage of its potential.

An email from a brand is an excellent way to reach out directly to those who might be interested in what you have to offer, as well as those who may have forgotten about you after an initial


NameHero Hosting review

I switched to NameHero as my hosting last year and till now, I don’t regret my decision. I’ve used my earlier host for around 8 years and it was good too. But suddenly the Divi theme installed on my WordPress sites (I had two sites with the same host) had some problems and I could not sort it out with my web hosting provider and their support service could not help out. Even though I am not running a million-dollar business or a huge blog, I like to have a speedier service, having minimum downtime and fewer problems with my hosting services. I did not have much budget to go for very fast dedicated services but I did not want to settle with dirt-cheap hosting either where you need to troubleshoot problems every day or the other. I have a habit of researching things and services before I make a purchase. So, when I decided to switch my web host, which I had been using for more than 8 years, I Googled and Binged to get recommendations and reviews from experts. When you search for web hosting services, I guarantee you that 80% of the results will recommend you to services of a particular group which has a number of different web hosting brands. I wanted some other services for my WordPress Blog and then I zeroed in with two service providers, one is NameHero and other is also an equally good hosting company, SiteGround. Since I need only one service, I settled with NameHero after some comparison and price matching with my available budget and individual discounts on offer in August 2019. Siteground also has recently increased its prices.

Let me talk about Namehero. Namehero is based in the US and has Data centres in the US and the EU at present. They offer shared cloud web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated cloud hosting and domains. They offer High-Speed Cloud Hosting with 99.9% Website Uptime which is Instantly Scalable. Their shared hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate and free SSD or Solid State Drives that are protected by Raid 10. What makes SSDs better than the standard HDD is the fact that they don’t have any moving parts and use flash memory to store data. This means your website will load faster and there is less chance of a hard drive failure. The RAID 10 used to protect the SSDs uses a combination of disk mirroring and disk striping to protect your data which means your website will be more secure than on a regular shared hosting server. They also offer complimentary nightly backups for complete peace of mind.

What to expect from the Shared Hosting Plans (You can try for 7 days free)?

The shared hosting services offered by Namehero come under four plans.

Starter Cloud: Beginner friendly plan which allows one website and a free domain (in plans for two years and above). Offers unlimited SSD storage (maximum 250,000 inodes, means files), 1 GB RAM, cPanel, Lightspeed server which is faster than traditional Apache servers. It also comes with Free SSL, SSH access, website shield,  WordPress auto-installer and many more features.

Plus Cloud:  It allows hosting up to 6 websites and offers a free domain (in plans for two years and above). This plan offers 2GB Ram and 250000 inodes, cPanel, and other features offered in the starter cloud plan.

Turbo Cloud: This plan offers unlimited websites and a free domain (in plans for two years and above). The server RAM is 3GB and offers up to 500000 inodes.

Business Cloud: The business plan offers unlimited websites and a free domain (in plans for two years and above). Offers 4GB RAM and up to 500000 inodes. 


Reseller Web Hosting is the practice of reselling web hosting space to sub-clients. As a Reseller, you purchase large blocks of disk space, bandwidth, and server resources and then divide it up into individual packages to resell to other clients for a recurring fee (i.e. monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). It is a great way to earn extra income and NameHero’s reseller hosting plans make it easy to get up and running with your reseller hosting business. The reseller Hosting Plans are white labelled (you can use your own branding) hosting plans and they offer WHCMS control panel. Reseller plans also include a year-round 24/7 support and they can even help you migrate your reseller hosting account for free.

NameHero offers four reseller plans.

  • Silver – The cheapest plan is their Silver Tier is good for starters. Free and unlimited SSL for all accounts and the ability to host 40 client accounts and each client can host an unlimited number of domains. The Silver plan includes Raid Protected 40 GB SSD storage and 500GB of monthly bandwidth. 
  • Gold –This plan includes free and unlimited SSL for all accounts, and the ability to host 60 client accounts and each client can host an unlimited number of domains. The Silver plan includes Raid Protected 75 GB SSD storage and 800GB of monthly bandwidth. It offers Free WHMCS.
  • Platinum– This plan includes free and unlimited SSL for all accounts, and the ability to host 80 client accounts and each client can host an unlimited number of domains. The Silver plan includes Raid Protected 150 GB SSD storage and 1000GB of monthly bandwidth. It offers Free WHMCS.
  • Diamond– It is the top tier reseller hosting plan and comes with free and unlimited SSL for all accounts, and the ability to host 100 client accounts and each client can host an unlimited number of domains. The Silver plan includes Raid Protected 150 GB SSD storage and 1000GB of monthly bandwidth. It offers Free WHMCS.


For greater flexibility,  the VPS hosting plans of Namehero come fully supported by their technical team for hand-holding the clients who need support for server management. 

NameHero’s VPS hosting comes in four plans.

  • Hero 2GB 30GB SSD Storage, 2GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, US Datacenter 10TB Outgoing Bandwidth and 1 Dedicated IP.
  • Hero 4GB 60GB SSD Storage, 4GB RAM, 4 CPU Cores, US Datacenter 10TB Outgoing Bandwidth and 1 Dedicated IP.
  • Hero 6GB 90GB SSD Storage, 6GB RAM, 6 CPU Cores, US Datacenter 10TB Outgoing Bandwidth and 1 Dedicated IP.
  • Hero 8GB – 12 0GB SSD Storage, 8GB RAM, 8 CPU Cores, US Datacenter 10TB Outgoing Bandwidth and 1 Dedicated IP.


The Dedicated Cloud Hosting Plans are the top of the line offering from NameHero and come in four tiers.

The Standard Cloud plan offers a 3.8GHz Processor with 4 Cores / 8 Thread, 8GB RAM,  210GB SSD Storage, 5TB Outgoing Bandwidth and are  Fully Managed.  

The Enhanced Cloud Plan offers 3.6GHz Processor 4 Cores / 8 Thread, 15GB RAM with 450GB SSD Storage, 5TB Outgoing Bandwidth which is Fully Managed. 

The Enterprise Cloud Plan comes with a 3.8GHz Processor, 6 Cores / 12 Thread,  31GB RAM, 460GB SSD Storage, 5TB Outgoing Bandwidth and are Fully Managed.

The Hypersonic Cloud Plan 2×2.1GHz Processors,16 Cores / 32 Thread, 62GB RAM, 900GB SSD Storage, 5TB Outgoing Bandwidth and are fully managed.


Support Services, my personal experience while running this current blog site: NameHero promises a support service round the clock round the year for all customers(24x7x365). I personally have taken support help for some minor queries and they promptly resolved my issues within a day or two. They revert in most cases within hours and resolution is provided in a day. But, the customer support has to be taken with a grain of salt since my experience doesn’t represent the experiences of all the customers. There may be instances where the support service could do better. 

So if you want to try NameHero for hosting, you can also try for 7 days risk-free. I am sure you won’t be disappointed with their service and prompt support.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Create a Freeze Frame effect using Kinemaster Mobile Video Editor

This is a short tutorial and I created a walk around video on YouTube. The freeze frame effect is used by many to create an effect where the moving objects in a video leave a frozen frame tail. Kinemaster is a smartphone video editing app and following some simple steps using video layers in Kinemaster you can easily achieve freeze-frame effect. This tutorial is created using the Kinemaster Pro app on android since we need support for video layers to achieve this effect. Kinemaster has powerful video editing tools to produce top quality video for professional or personal use.

How to download?

Get Kinemaster from
For  Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nexstreaming.app.kinemasterfree
For iOS: https://appstore.com/nexstreamingusainc/kinemaster

Steps to create Freeze Frame effect

The steps can be followed by anyone with a basic knowledge of video editing with Kinemaster. The same effect can also be created using other apps in a similar fashion.

1. Create a project and bring your desired video footage to the timeline.
2. Play the video footage to find some frames to freeze.
3. Take the cursor the desired frame and take a snapshot of the frame and add as a layer (Capture frame and add as a layer option)
4. Select the layer, go to Split screen and select full screen.
5. Adjust the duration of the layer and bring the opacity down to 0%.
6. Take the cursor to the desired frame in the video layer and repeat the process as in steps 3 and 5.
7. Once you have created the desired number of “freeze frame” layers, as above, bring up the opacity of each layer back to 100%.
8. Go to each image layers and change the blending mode to “Darken”
9. Your video is ready with the Freeze Frame Effect.

My video walkthrough

Here is my YouTube video for a screen recording of the entire process:

I hope this short tutorial will be useful for you.

Create your personal book catalog with My Library App

Featured Image

Locked down, aren’t we? We all are doing our bit to combat the novel Corona outbreak by staying indoors and working from home. Let us use our free time to create your personal book catalog for free using My Library App.

Android Smartphones allow users to use the phone in many productive ways. We all are now going through a tough time and most of us are staying indoors. Many of us are spending time by reading various books and novels. Students and educators are spending their time to prepare class notes and study materials from their personal collection of books and journals. I believe most of us can boast of a personal library of at least a small number of books if not thousands. Right?

Let me ask you something? How many have you have created a catalog of  your personal book library? By personal library, I mean the books on your study tables, bookshelves or anywhere in your homes. We can spend this #lockdown period in organizing a personal collection of books and journals. For this, I will use an App called My Library by Julien Keith. I am an Android user and you can find this app in the Android Play Store. This app allows you to store your personal library and perform a Quick Search within it. By creating a catalog, we not only organized our books, it also provided us a sense of richness about the collection that we own.

The main features of the app are

  • Add a book to your catalog by using the Barcode scanner inside the app.
  • Add a book via ISBN.
  • Search book in your library
  • Sorting options
  • Export to excel
  • Save export database to cloud storage. Only Google Drive and Dropbox are supported at present.
  • Importing of database.

False daisy with true benefits

Let me today introduce you to a very small plant which has some wonderful health benefits. It is commonly known as the False Daisy and its botanical name is Eclipta alba or Eclipta prostrata.

eclipta alba flower
Fig 1: A False Daisy Flower

It is a medicinal plant and has many health benefits. It is useful in the treatments of several diseases like hepatitis, snake venom poisoning, gastritis, and respiratory diseases such as cough and asthma. The leaf extracts are used for hair growth according to ayurvedic therapy. It helps to improve hair growth and color. Infact eclipta alba extracts are known to grow hair faster than minoxidil. There are several phytochemicals which can be found in False daisy. Because of a variety of beneficial phytochemicals being housed in this plant, a lot of research relating to the use of the various parts of the plant for the treatments of various diseases are being taken up by scientists on various benefits like antidementia, antivenom, anti-HIV, antihyperlipidemic, antimicrobial, antihyperglycemic, antitumor, and antimyotoxic effects. This plant is widely available in India, China, Thailand and Brazil.

I will also introduce you to a phytosterol called stigmasterol which is found in leaves and roots of the plant. This phytosterol itself has many benefits like anti-cancer, anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory, and immune-modulating effects.


Fig 2: The chemical structure of stigmasterol is shown.

Stigmasterin molecule ball

Fig 3: The 3-D ball and stick model of stigmasterol.

Image sources:

  • Fig 1 Photo taken by Neel K & hosted at https://postimg.org
  • Fig 2 & 3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stigmasterol

This article was originally published in Steemit by the same author.

Thanks to all for sparing your valuable time to read my post.

How to use tools for anonymous torrent downloads real quick and easy [in 2019]

How to use tools for torrent download

  1. A VPN app to get access to Torrent sites. In my country, many torrent sites are blocked. The Torrent technology (P2P file sharing) is not only for illegal downloads but many legal software and videos are available for download via torrents as well. I prefer Nord VPN for anonymity. It is available for almost all platforms with some good servers. P2P is allowed. BTW, we will use a torrent leecher web service.
  2. A download manager, I prefer Internet Download Manager for Windows and Advanced Download Manager (buy Pro for ad free experience) for Android.
  3. An account in Torrent Leecher site like Zbigz , the premium service is good but has some cost. If the file size is not too big then seedr.cc also provides good speed and 2GB storage to start with for free.

anonymous torrent featured imag
Anonymous torrent download
The 1-2-3 of the process:
  1. Connect to VPN, for anonymous connection and access to Torrent site. The detailed connection process will vary from one software to another.
  2. Copy the magnet link of the torrent file from the site. Add the link to seedr or zbigz. There are a number of torrent leecher services available with different free and paid plans. I have listed only those which I personally have used and found to be working well. We can also paste to torrent file lik as well instead of magnet links. 3.The leecher service will start caching the file requested in its own servers. It is something like the leecher service download the torrent file in a similar manner as it is done in our own PC via Torrent Clients. We leave the leecher site till the caching is complete. Sometimes it takes longer time for the process to complete. Once the caching process is complete, the file can be downloaded as usual. Use the download manager of your choice to download it at maximum speed.
Note: This article is for educational purpose only. If you use this information for any illegal downloads, then the author is not responsible for any legal issues. This article was originally published via this Post.

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Learn coding in Javascript with Grasshopper (by Google Area 150)

Grasshopper is a coding app for beginners. It lets users learn Javascript coding in a fun to learn way. The lessons progressively challenges the users into coding more and more in a systematic manner in their iPhone and Android devices. This app is released by Google’s internal incubator Area 150. The app name Grasshopper – is a tribute to early programming pioneer Grace Hopper.

Starting with “The Fundamentals,” Grasshopper offers a series of lessons where users can learn how code works, along with various terminology like functions, variables, strings, for loops, arrays, conditionals, operators, and objects. After that, advanced lessons follow.


In a nutshell, the app features are:

  • Visual puzzles develop your problem-solving skills and solidify coding concepts
  • Use industry-standard JavaScript with just a few taps on your phone
  • Real-time feedback guides you like a teacher
  • Collect achievements as you learn new skills

The app can be downloaded from the sources below.





I hope that this app will be found useful by some readers.

Have Fun with learning to code!

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Dark web tools are not always used for illegal purposes.

Hi all, we all muat have aware of some tools used in dark web. One of the tools that is most widely used for illegal downloads of almost any kind, movies, music, books, software, porn (most popular, ?), etc. is torrent. We all have used utorrent for sure. Thepiratebay, kickass torrents, tirrentz.eu all have been (in)famous for illegal torrent files.

BUT, torrent technology is a beautiful piece of technology that allows efficient downloads via peer to peer file sharing. This technology can be used for legal downloads, which can allow downloading of large files with more efficient manner. Torrent is almost similar to the Blockchain technology, decentralized system of sharing a file.

I today would like to share a website which allows legal downloads of acaademic materials.


It is a distributed system for sharing enormous datasets – for researchers, by researchers.


The result is a scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant repository for data, with blazing fast download speeds.

As an avid android user I recommend Flud, a very good and efficient torrent client for Android OS.


Screenshots below:


Google Play link:

Flud Torrent Downloader

Ad free version (no extra feature)

This post is for informing my friends about the app and the site that I prefer to use myself. I don’t endorse them or affiliated to them in any way.

Sharing is fun.

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