Bharti Airtel has launched its 3G services in Guwahati today. The preliminary speed results shows that the uplink and downlink speeds are at 7.2mbps. There is no heavy data pack available as of now. Airtel has its pay as you go tariff at 30p/20kb (quite steep in cost IMHO) for 3G services. Other  data packs of Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs 450 and Rs 750 are available according to the Customer Care Executive that  I talked to. More info can be obtained from the customer care or by calling 121. I am find the speeds not consistent as of now. I have been receiving 3G signals for quite some time now and only today Airtel let me access the 3G signals. Below is screenshot of speeds supported on my connection. There is very low signal strength in my area and that may be a cause for the inconsistent speeds that I am getting.