False daisy with true benefits

The false daisy plant is a very useful plant due to its medicinal properties. The medicinal properties of false daisy are well documented in Ayurvedic literature.

Learn coding in Javascript with Grasshopper (by Google Area 150)

Grasshopper is a coding app for beginners. It lets users learn Javascript coding in a fun to learn way. The lessons progressively challenges the users into coding more and more in a systematic manner in their iPhone and Android devices. This app is released by...

Dark web tools are not always used for illegal purposes.

Hi all, we all muat have aware of some tools used in dark web. One of the tools that is most widely used for illegal downloads of almost any kind, movies, music, books, software, p*rn (most popular, ?), etc. is torrent. We all have used utorrent for sure....

Have you heard about NOTS?

Have you heard about NOTS?

NOTS is an acronym for Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances. There are many of them which are found in common food items. I would like to introduce you to some of them so that when you pick those Apples or Mushrooms next time at the departmental store or local...

Download YouTube videos the command line way in openSUSE linux

We can use a small nifty command line utility called youtube-dl to download our favorite YouTube videos in different resolutions as supported by YouTube. It can even download the videos that require users to sigining in to Google (for age or other restrictions)...

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